I miss you.
Silly you, happy you, interested you.

I’m learning to live with
Distracted you, frightened you, silent you
Parts of you I knew from before
But somehow different now.
Bigger. Darker.

Even your face
The face I still love so much
changes daily
As your body adapts
And absorbs
And fights against
The meds.

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of you
You from before
The diagnosis.
I live for those sometimes.
They comfort and fill me
And get me through
Until the next time
I see you.

But today
I see you
In your new

I know
You miss you too.
Silly you, happy you, interested you.
Strong You.
Healthy you.

We’re like roommates now
In love with the same man
Lying quietly in the dark
Missing him
Praying for his return
Fearing he’s gone forever.



For Char.

Copyright © Jean Fogelberg. All rights reserved.

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26 Responses to I Miss You

  1. PJ Rodgers says:

    Such hauntingly beautiful prose. My husband’s prostate cancer was caught early and we will be eternally grateful. He had excellent medical care and we were able to chose the option we thought was best. 18 months cancer free!! Thank you God!!

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