We welcome your CAREGIVER STORY or MEMORIAM story honoring a loved one. Many of our caregivers have found that sharing their story was therapeutic for them, and they’re glad when someone else reads their story and writes that they learned something valuable, or that they now feel less alone. Others have found that writing a memoriam story made them feel like they have honored their loved one. Select “Submit CAREGIVER Story” or “Submit IN MEMORIAM Story” in the “Type of contact” list below.

To send us a question, choose “Jean” or “Char” in the “Type of contact” list below.

If you want to help us get the word out to caregivers about caring for themselves, or if you are a part of a health care organization, click on “Caregiver Brochures” in the left sidebar under “Information” and see if our Caregiver Brochure is something you’d like us to send you. Non-professionals will receive a packet of 10 brochures, professionals having brochures sent to a care facility will receive 50. Brochures are free of charge.


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